PRACTICAL STEPS TO LIVE LONGERDeciding to develop your discipline in making better changes in your lifestyle consistently can definitely help you live longer. On the other hand, smoking, alcohol, lack of exercise and eating unhealthy food can drag your feet to the grave. As a result, reduce your life span than normal.

Fortunately, there are practical and doable steps to correct these unhealthy activities. As you put your best foot forwards in following the habits below will keep your body look and feel young:

  • Don't overeat.

If you truly want to live longer for your family and loved ones, you need to commit to the promise not to overeat once again. Overeating unhealthy food will only aggravate the unhealthy physical condition that you're already in. Taking it slow and thinking on the aftermath of your action is plays a vital role in resisting the temptation to eat beyond what your body requires. You see, the power of your will to be healthy can outsmart your greedy desire of overeating.

  • Minimize TV viewing

Spending excessive time in front of your TV can pose a threat in your health. Being glued to your TV screens lets you work less than what your body needs. Cut your viewing periods gradually to avoid any more damage. For those who are extremely avid in TV series, you can also incorporate your TV viewing while having your workout sessions. This way, you're releasing sweat and energise your body while being entertained by your favourite TV shows.

  • Come out and see the sun

While soaking in direct sunlight can cause skin cancer or heat stroke, the sun has the biggest potential of giving yourself a refreshing day. With adequate sunlight, especially in the morning, it can help in preventing wrinkles, fine lines and even saggy skin that can make you look more youthful. Simply protect your skin with a lotion containing the highest level of SPF and you're ready to enjoy the summer breeze and feel the wind tenderly caressing your skin.

  • Have a good laugh with friends and loves ones.

Researchers have been made suggesting that people who tend to shut themselves off in the world have a higher risk of a heart disease than those with good network of loved ones and friends. Scientifically, loneliness can lead to inflammation which can be as dangerous as having excessive cholesterol or smoking. Moreover, loneliness is more risky to elder individuals who are prone to depression as well. Thus, keep your friends close and schedule a bonding every now and then. It's not only enjoyable. Healthy as well.

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