KNOW THE REASONS WHY ARE ALWAYS TIREDHave you been feeling so weak and exhausted for quite a while now? You feel sluggish in doing your regular routines and often think of hitting the hay in the middle of the day? Well, you better get rid of those bad and unhealthy habits that deplete your energy.

Most commonly, lack of adequate sleep is the primary reason why a person normally gets dizzy while everyone is sizzling to jumpstart their day. However, lack of sleep isn't the sole reason that drains your energy even before you use it for more purposeful ways.  Those negative thoughts can wear you out both physically and mentally.

Below are some common unhealthy habits that can you feel exhausted:

  • Skipping your regular exercise whenever you're worn out

Missing out your workout in order to save the remaining energy actually goes against you. Healthy adults who have been consistently exercising in a light manner three to four days a week with a span of twenty minutes per session are less likely to feel fatigued. In fact, they've become more energized as their bodies begin to get used to exercising after six weeks of regular workout. Without a doubt, regular exercise improves your energy, physical strength and endurance, efficient cardiovascular system, as well as good oxygen flow in your tissues.

  • you're not drinking sufficient water

A person, who's slightly dehydrated, lacking the normal fluids in the body, can deplete energy levels. The process of dehydration is the primary reason to the decrease in blood volume, making the blood thicker.  This condition dictates your heart to pump less powerfully and diminishes the speed by which oxygen as well as essential nutrients reach the muscles and organs. Therefore, drinking eight to ten glasses of water on a regular basis is very important in keeping your blood in the right volume and oxygen and nutrients to reach your muscles in the perfect timing.

  • you're not taking the right amount of iron

One reason of having a weak body is the lack of iron in your body. This deficiency can make you irritable, inability to focus, sluggish and weak. This normally happens because only less amount of oxygen travels and reaches your cells and muscles. You can easily avoid iron deficiency through eating beans, lean beef, green leafy vegetables and other food rich in iron. If you're extremely busy, take an accurate dose of iron supplements to prevent the lack of iron.



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